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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Piotr Gryko joined Hofstede Insights as a licensee in Poland already in 1995. Currently he is the Chairman of House of Skills, the biggest training and consultancy firm on the Polish market. Piotr has a Master of Science in economy, graduated from the Foreign Trade Department of the Warsaw School of Economics.


In his professional practice, he dealt with strategy development and deployment, widely understood organisation development, including personnel management and development as well as executive development. He has over twenty five years of experience gained in various areas and various cultures, including Sweden and the Central and Eastern Europe countries (Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia).


Next to his certification in intercultural management he is also certified in the following areas: Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Celemi business simulation models (master trainer) Decision Base, Performance, Enterprise, Tango, Livon, Apples & Oranges and Hofstede’s Multi Focus Model – a tool for examining and measuring organisational culture.


His professional interests are focused above all on visual strategising as well as designing and implementing deep transformations in organisations. He proves himself perfectly well in the preparation of higher- and medium-level management staff and specialist staff for action in changing environmental conditions.


His passion is good wine (particularly Italian, Francone, and South-African), travelling to interesting and remote places, as well as European vehicle expeditions. Piotr is fluent in Polish, Swedish and English and has a good knowledge of Russian.