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Global Virtual Management

Nowadays almost every company has to work virtually to some extent in order to meet the requirements of the highly dynamic modern business environment. They face rising pressure to reduce the costs of travelling and expatriation.

But are leaders prepared to lead at distance and are employees able to work effectively in a virtual setting? This course ensures that you are.

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Our Global Virtual Management learning programme will make participants better equipped to operate successfully in a global virtual environment and make them able to complete virtual projects on time and on budget.

It enables managers to be effective global distance leaders by providing them with the required understanding and the necessary tools to successfully navigate and manage in the global virtual world.

By integrating the use of simulation exercises and cases, this programme will help you:

Successfully manage remote teams and people across different locations, or simply working from home.

Be equipped with the necessary competencies and a new mindset to be able to identify effective solutions in a global virtual environment.

Learn how to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of global or virtual teams by implementing best practices and critical success factors.

Increase your knowledge of issues regarding cross-cultural collaboration and communication.

What is included in the course:​

  • Two Half-Day Virtual Sessions​
  • Pre-course Survey​
  • Pre-Course eLearning Material​
  • Culture Compass Assessment & Report
  • Team Culture Scan Assessment & Report​
  • Hofstede Insights Certificate in Global Virtual Management

Course Modules​

  • Introduction to Organizational Culture
    Will help you explore the impact of culture on working effectively and confidently despite differences in culture and experience, and gain a better understanding of Hofstede’s practical and scientifically-based model for intercultural management.
  • Introduction to Intercultural Management
    Designed to help you identify situations where culture, rather than personality, plays a role in communication styles, and practice potential solutions to problem situations related to different communication styles between two or more cultures.
  • Introduction to Global Virtual Management
    Experience the organizational and national culture influence upon the efficiency of leadership practices in a global virtual setting.
  • Ten Success Factors of Global Virtual Management
    Discover the Hofstede Insights Ten-Factor Global Virtual Management Framework that will help you succeed in managing virtually.
  • Leading Virtual Meetings Effectively
    Made to help participants understand the Do’s & Don’ts of Virtual Meetings in the context of delivering work and projects on time and at cost, while considering cultural and communications enablers and challenges.


  • Leaders, managers and employees who manage and/or work in global virtual or remote teams
  • Human resources, organization development, and learning and development managers and specialists
  • Coaches, trainers and consultants who work with virtual teams
  • Project Managers


  • May 28th and June 11th 2020
  • July 2nd and July 16th 2020
Session Timezones
  • 9:00 to 13:00 – Central European Summer Time​
  • 11:00 to 15:00 – Gulf Standard Time​
  • 12:30 to 16:30 – India Standard Time​
  • 15:00 to 19:00 – Hong Kong Time
To check the starting time of the session in your local timezone, visit this external link.
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All of our learning programmes build on the extensive research of the renowned Prof. Geert Hofstede and the six dimensions of national culture.

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